Monday, December 7, 2009

Elmo Running at the Speed of Light

Finally, we have just had the arena levelled and re-sanded, plus the driveways remetalled and fire piles tidied up - yay for Bobcats! I have been waiting 3 years for this to happen - but needed to wait for all the big tree work to happen first. Pics show Sarah riding on hill up to arena, a couple of the arena, and one of the new driveways.

Our pretty garden

We have been doing a lot of work over the last 3 years renovating the house, garden and fencing etc. Thought it would be quite nice to put some pics up showing how nice the gardens are looking (as opposed to the paddocks which are still in need of quite a lot of renovation!)

Oreo comes home

Oreo is three years old now, and has been on holiday just down the road to keep another horse company for a while. He came home tonight, and is none too impressed with the situation! He is best known for his laid back lazing around, but tonight he did a good impression of a wild horse doing some cross between high school dressage and bronc bucking. As you can see, he is sometimes rather unco-ordinated and has trouble sorting all his legs out... but then again, some of his "poses" seem to defy gravity! Anyway, it is good to have him home again, I have missed him, and I am sure he will be back to lazabout boy once I have him wormed and back with the others. Some pics...

Elmo got gelded

Well this post was meant to be so I would remember WHEN he got gelded, but I cant, so there you go! Twas some time about 4 weeks ago, after a few failed attempts to keep appointments due to weather being against us. He is also over a year old now - its amazing how fast time flies! We also just learnt this week that Shari (his mother) died peacefully in her paddock with her new owners. Apparently she was looking great and had been bred to the stallion, so who knows what happened.