Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oreo goes to Pony Club

The day dawned rainy and cloudy for Oreo's big day out - his first visit to Pony Club. He has been learning all his lessons so well at home, we decided it was time to ask some questions and take him on an outing. There were quite a few ponies present, so lots to look at, but mostly he just wanted to eat! One hairy moment when a group of sheep escaped their paddock and came racing straight for us, but he held his ground and they went round at the last minute. (He did grow to about 18hh though!) Luisa had a great ride on him at the end, and it was just like at home... including Oreo thinking he knew it all and popping into canter because the trot work was done! So pleased with how he is progressing. Just one more week now then he will have a holiday to finish growing (not too much I hope)... currently he is 16hh at the wither and 16 1 1/2 at the bum!
Can I eat you?