Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oreo has a new rider

Oreo has returned from Jody's, and now has a new rider for a month or so, just a few times a week, to consolidate his learning. Luisa has come all week, and today had a lesson with Jody in the heat (no exaggeration) of the day. Oreo looked very flash because Luisa brushed out his 10 tails, along with the rest of him, and he looked bery smart for his lesson. Very proud of how my pony is going, and definitely think he will make me a nice Debbie horse in the long term... maybe even in the short term - he is taking to this riding thing like a duck to water!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oreo Back at School

Oreo is now 3 and a bit years old, and has gone back to school for another couple of weeks training with Jody Hartstone, who uses Andrew McLean methods. Very impressed at how well he is going, and how happy he is after only his 4th week under saddle (one week back in work after being lightly backed last year).

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rusty and the Crab

OK... a new skill for the New Year - I will attempt to amaze and impress, by uploading my first ever video to my Blog!! Rusty the dog went to the beach with us to camp, and was most fascinated with the crabs - she really wanted to catch one, but their nippers just proved too much for her!

New Year Update

We went to Gisborne for Christmas, then freedom camping at Kaiaua Beach, just north of Tolaga Bay on the East Coast, and about 1 hour from Gisborne. Brought back many childhood memories for me, as I spent nearly every summer of my life camping there. Here are a few pics showing how beautiful a spot it is, and even in peak camping season, so much space, and so few people!
Oreo went back to Jody for another two weeks ridden work on 31/12, then I hopefully have a rider for him once he gets back home, so he can learn all about being a big horse now. Cant wait to see his progress!