Saturday, September 19, 2009

The horses who live here

This is "Sugar 'n' Spice" aka Spots - ready for fancy dress at Pony Club. Don't you love the "clingons" on her legs! I think she was being a soft toy. She is one of those "worth her weight in gold" types of ponies (which is quite a bit!) Sarah has been riding her since she was nine, and they have a fabulous partnership together. Spots is the ultimate all rounder.
As a beginner blogger, I am having trouble putting the captions actually by the photos. Maybe I need to do each photo as a separate post?? Anyway, the photo above the fancy dress one is Sarah winning the Mahoney Memorial Trophy at PC Combined games - the person presenting it to her is Jody Hartstone (top dressage rider), who won the same trophy 20 years ago! How cool is that!! Well.. Sarah thought it was super cool anyway.