Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 16 Bari to Patras Ferry

It was a boring morning waiting for the ferry, as we had to be at the port 3 hours before the sailing. Just as we were ordered to drive on, it was discovered we didn’t have the paperwork we needed, so it was a quick zoom back to the ticketing office to get what we needed, and back in line with the trucks. We are parked on the top deck, but under cover, two steps from the edge of the boat, with open railing into the sea. The sea is as flat as flat can be, and I write this as we sit in the camper reading and relaxing, waiting for dinner time. We have a Camping On Board pass which means during the 15 hour ferry crossing we can sleep in our camper, but have access to the rest of the boat when we want to. We can’t, however, cook in the camper. There are toilets and showers available nearby and all together it’s a pretty good setup for us. Lunch was expensive, and I expect dinner will be too, but never mind. Hayden has been banished from the camper as he was going stir crazy in here, and needed to get some exercise and fresh air. I write this as we are on our voyage. Time seems to be going pretty quickly, and its not doing us any harm to be relaxing for a bit, as the pace has been fairly hectic with either driving or sightseeing.