Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby Photos Elmo

This is mum JK Shari, by JK Sacramento, out of Shah's Pearl. Shari was bought in foal to Wakonda-O-Indiana, but sadly lost a lovely big coloured colt foal at birth. Shari adored the kids, and would search them out, spending ages chatting to them. Shari lived at my friend Viv's place until we moved to Westwood.
It took a while to get her well again, then next season she went to Cowboy - a stationbred cremello stallion with awesome movement and a kind sweet temperament.
Finally, Elmo was born! A cute palomino - kind of pink with blue eyes - like a Barbie pony!

Pretty soon, it was time to learn how to wear a halter.
Aunty Tracey came to help - so who do you think is the cutest?
And after that big lesson, it was back to the paddock with mum for a big drink.