Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fantango (Hunny) - Sarah's New Pony

The week after we returned from Europe, we ended up driving all the way to Kerikeri to take a look at a pony I had had my eye on since before we went away. It was well worth the trip (taking the horse float "just in case....") - as we ended up bringing Hunny home!
She is a beautifully schooled 14.2hh 12 year old mare by Kingsway Diamond. In the past she has done a lot - show hunter, show jumping, dressage, pony club, saddle hunter, but for the last little while hadn't been doing much as her rider had turned 17.
Hunny is quite a step up from Spots, and has more "buttons to press", but once Sarah sorts out how to ride her properly, they should have great fun together.
Sarah looks pleased with her!

Working on the basics

Hunny loved it at WEC

And just because Spots does, Sarah thought the new Hunny princess pony might like to splash through puddles.... and she did!

And stretch her legs over some trotting poles.
We look forward to reporting on progress over the coming months.