Friday, October 23, 2009

Onewerre Oreo

Introducing Oreo.... (I really need to locate some "better" pics!) Oreo is my rising 3 year old American spotted draft/Warmblood/TB cross. I have owned him since 6 months old, after unsuccessfully trying to breed just the same cross. He has legs like a bull (lots of bone), and a head the size of a small elephant. He moves well for a heavy horse, and has a very laid back temperament (think giant labrador, LOL). He has been my first young horse, and I am really enjoying working with him. He was started last summer by Jody Hartstone using Andrew McLean methods - only 3 weeks work, but I was very impressed with the results, and cant wait to see him under saddle again this summer.
It will be "interesting" to pull his 2 manes and 5 tails to see if there is a sport pony underneath all that hair.... I have already used my big clippers under his chin to remove the Gandalf sized beard, and Oreo thought that was AWESOME! Like I said - he is pretty laid back!