Friday, October 23, 2009

Westwood Brisingr (Elmo)

And this is Elmo.... our first we have bred ourselves! After sadly losing the first foal due to birth complications, then missing the next season, we finally had Elmo arrive! He is by a little stationbred cremello stallion with amazing movement and even more amazing temperament, out of JK Shari - liver chestnut holsteiner/TB mare. We are very pleased with Elmo - he is very leggy and athletic with awesome look at me trot, and seems to learn quickly. He is currently a white fuzzy bear, but hopefully his summer coat will reveal more gold. Elmo's mission in life is to be a grey - he loves to roll where the fire was and turn various shades of grey and black! At least he has no white socks to scrub.

We hope Elmo will be Sarah's first hack.

Our next job with Elmo is to get him gelded. He is still very well behaved, but we have no need of a stallion, and with one mare here, it will make life a lot easier. Currently the weather is against us, and we have had to cancel vet bookings due to the darned rain.

Elmo is just rising one.